Dough Portioning  Machines

Hanrow Ltd supplies a range of portioning machines

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Dough Ball Portioner DIV300

The Dough Ball Portioner (DIV300) is an innovative machine, used for portioning 30kg dough into the desired weight from 20-280 grams. 

Two cones are supplied (45 - 70) as standard, and the desired portion size can be obtained using the cone of the appropriate size. 

The machine is supplied with a transparent lid with microswitch, 

stainless steel bowl, knives, and spiral.

The machine is operated by a start stop switch with control unit (24V - IP55), Different voltages can be supplied on request.

The machine operates by the selection of the diameter of the cone and the distance between the output of the dough and the photoelectric cell. The photoelectric cell allows for a precise weight of the portioned dough ball.

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