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EMA Stick Blenders are suitable for emulsifying, mixing and whipping like you have never experienced before.
The EMA can be supplied with the standard knife or the with the new EMS rotor-stator system.
Two models are available a 550 watt or 850 watt both powering the units to speeds of between;5000-15,000 rpm.
Where you normally rotate a three-cutter blade, the EMA-bar is a continuously rotating rotor when used at high speed it creates a strong vortex that brings the product to the head and produces fine emulsions.
Everything is cut by the impeller drawing through the slotted side grooves the suction bringing the material to the cutter time and time again, finely crushing the particles and giving you the best performance of a standard handheld stick blender.
Easier to work with the new EMA rods are removable without tools, easy to clean, it has better stability, and the secret of Emulsifying - Mixing - as never before.

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