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Braising is a complex technique, which requires slow cooking in a closed air-tight container without any evaporation, obtaining perfect braising results is a matter of technology, professionals use a bratt pan.

If your goal therefore is to brown, cook and braise fish or meat, prepare stews, Bolognese sauce, sauces, risotto, purée, garnishing or jams, you need to equip yourself with one Firex's professional bratt pans.

Firex offer customers different models of bratt pans with different heating systems (gas or electric) designed for various volumes of work and which are specific for braising meat, fish and vegetables in a short time and with high quality results.

For centralised kitchens and small food companies using a professional bratt pan, whether gas, steam or electrically-heated, translates into significant savings in time, labour costs, energy consumption and creates new possibilities.

Browse among the different models below and find the bratt pan that best suits your needs.

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