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We supply a full range of juicers from the heavy duty manual citrus press from Sunkist to the fully automatic orange juice machines shown below. As with all Hanrow equipment it is robust, hygienic and easy to clean. We now offer the F-50 the most competitively priced fully automated citrus juicer in our range.  Zumex juicers supplied and serviced by us.



Many so-called natural juice products are available today, but the purest juices, free from preservatives and other chemical additives, always come straight from the fresh fruit or vegetable. The Power juicer and Sanamat are commercial juicers with continuous residue ejection, which allow the user to produce high quality juices in-house quickly and efficiently. Juices can be produced from local or exotic fruits and from all kinds of vegetables on these heavy duty machines that are designed to meet the demands of hard daily service.

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