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Bratt Pans

Versatile and efficient bratt pans.
Starting with the FRYBRAT bratt pan, a professional device able to cook, braise and fry medium or small amounts of food in a short time.
This versatile cooker is compact, really easy to use, an indispensable tool, handling extraordinary workloads.
The EASYBRATT range of tilting braising pans are designed to meet the daily needs of small and medium-sized industrial caterers (as well as CPUs, large canteens, hospitals, etc.).
Available in gas or electric versions, with capacities from 50 to 200 litres all with manually-operated tilting, that can be motorised on request.
Firex, Easybratt is definitely one of the simplest units to use, it is a professional bratt pan developed to braise different types of food: chicken, risotto, omelettes, stew, etc.
The BETTERPAN is a Bratt pan and pressure cooker, that offers multiple cooking options in one machine, braising, boiling, browning, frying, steaming and pressure cooking. 
Betterpan is available in either electric or gas-heated versions, with 4 capacities from 110 to 220 litres.
Thanks to the electronic controller, you can set different cooking programs (e.g. for steaming and pressure cooking) and produce several dishes: from omelettes to fish fillet, steamed vegetables to meat sauces and much more.
The compact size and versatility make this pressure bratt pan an irreplaceable element in centralised production kitchen.

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