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Hanrow Ltd manufacture and supply what we believe to be the simplest machines on the market for hand cutting château potatoes.

We supply the MTL hand turner which is ideal for turning the small 10-20 gram turned potato, carrot, mooli, courgette and even swede.

Our Hanrow château cutter (ABCHAT) is simple, robust and produces the perfect seven sided château potato between 30 and 70 gram.

For the production of large volumes we offer the Combi-Cutter. This machine was originally designed by Gordon Roberts in the late 90s and still proves itself in today’s market. The unit produces the finest quality château potato; product from these machines is being supplied to top restaurants, hotels and even on cruise ships all around the world. The machine can produce uniformed château potatoes in sizes from 45-60 grams in the case of a standard Combi. Other size ranges are available on request. The Combi-Cutter is capable of producing over 1200 pieces of perfect château per hour.

Please contact us for more information.

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