KS22 Salad Spinner

TC5 Centrifuge

Batch Spinners

The KS22 spinner is ideal for drying small batches of salads, vegetables and fruit.

Simply place product in the basket and close the lid, the machine turns on automatically and stops at the end of the cycle. 

A stainless steel basket that has a 22 litre capacity.

Please contact us for further information.

The TC-5 is a self balancing, low load centrifuge using standard food grade baskets.

The TC-5 is an all stainless steel construction with a brake motor to ensure the instant stopping of basket cage
Pre-set spin cycles including a forward and reverse spin option allowing product to tumble mid cycle for better drying.
The 50 litre baskets are available in blue and orange, we also supply mesh liners to keep small particles contained.

For large scale production we also supply larger automated batch systems including the C-1000 with in and out feed conveyers as shown.

These are normally suitable when used with a large flume type washing system to process high volumes of fresh salad and cut vegetable products.


Hanrow Ltd supplies an assortment of dryers in differing capacities.

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