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Encrusting Machines

Hanrow Ltd supplies a range of encrusting machines

HM-88 Auto Encrusting Machine

The HM-88 is a small automatic encrusting machine developed to accurately form a wide range of products into spherical shapes, cylindrical bar shapes, continuous cylindrical molding as well as special shaped products.
The capacity of HM-88 is up to 60 pcs / minute. 
In addition to the basic skin and stuffing products it is possible to increase to the optional double filling device, which can then produce single skin double stuffing or double skinned single stuffing products. 
The HM-88 can also be set up to produce foods like kibbeh, coxinha, arancini, Ice box cookies, date bars, rice dumplings and churros, which are just a small selection of the possibilities.

HM-168 Auto Encrusting Machine (High Speed)

The HM-168 is a high speed automatic encrusting machine capable of producing 100 pieces per minute at approx. 40 gram. With a control panel which can memorize up to 100 sets of production data it is easy to change from one product to another. In addition to standard HM-168 machine, we also provide stainless steel type for meat/fish processing and other speciality food manufacturers.
HM-168 can be equipped with additional options, such as Double Filling Feeder (standard/large type), Jam Filling Feeder, Solid Filling Feeder, Vertical Cross Cutter, Rounding Device, Flat Roller and can make a variety of double stuffing products.

HM-588 Auto Encrusting Machine

The HM-588 is a multi-functional encrusting machine with an innovative flow controller which has a 45 degree angle for reducing the material remaining inside. The filling system, with independent motors, is designed to control flow and speed from hoppers separately, preventing excessive extrusion it avoids damage of the dough and filling material in order to keep material texture consistent. By using the new 2-step controlled shutter it enables manufacturers to improve their products by making an even outer casing. By adding special accessories or secondary equipment, such as double filling device, jam filling machine and/or vertical cross cutter this opens up the potential products.

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