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Forming Machines

Hanrow Ltd supplies a range of forming machines

HM-717 Imitation Hand-Made Dumpling Machine

The HM-717 is a high-speed imitation hand-made dumpling machine. It is easy to operate, clean and disassemble. It has a special design for the dough which is different from the traditional dumpling forming principle: the dough is pressed between rollers so it is not damaged by screw mixing and this keeps the gluten in the dough, improving taste. Fully adjustable this machine has the advantage of reusing the excess dough directly after the automatic dough wrapping, with a production capacity of between 3,000-10,000 pcs per hour.

HM-727 Desktop Dumpling Machine

The HM-727 Table Top Dumpling Machine is a table-top type stuffing machine. Easy to use, it is different from the traditional dumping machine extrusion dough forming principle. The gentle pressing and forming of the dough and the direct feeding of the stuffing does not damage the dough by using screw stirring, and can be adjusted to produce different sized dumplings. 

HM-737 Multi-Purpose Forming Machine

The HM-737 is a forming machine with many advantages built in. The output of the stuffing and the dough speed can be controlled independently, the cooling device on the unit ensures the dough will not be damaged by the machine even after long production runs and the whole machine is made of stainless steel body. The mechanical parts are easy to disassemble and clean, and the machine is easy to maintain.
A multi-purpose machine, you can produce a variety of different styles and sizes of products by easily replacing the mould with different shapes and sizes, such as dumplings, samosa, ravioli, egg roll, potstickers and other products.

HM-777 Dumpling Machine

The HM-777 is a multifunctional forming machine with capacity up to 20,000 pieces per hour on some products.
The HM-777 can be used to make a wide variety of products such as Samosa, Ravioli, Pierogi, Dumpling, Gyoza, Empanada, Calzone, Pelmeni etc and all that is required is the suitable mould.
The machine contains multiple motors that can be independently controlled; the speed of outer dough, the filling, filling rotor, and forming mould can all be set to facilitate the customers exact requirements, adjusting the production capacity and the amount according to demand.

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