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Vollrath Lettuce King



The Vollrath Lettuce king eliminates 75% of the time and cost of shredding lettuce with a knife for salads, sandwiches and all types of dishes. Since no "bruising" of your lettuce occurs during shredding, the Lettuce King prevents discoloration to reduce product waste.

Vollrath Lettuce King IV



Fast and reliable, the Lettuce King IV delivers the speed, consistency and chopping performance you need at a fraction of the cost of an electrically powered machine. You can prepare lettuce days in advance and not worry about it turning brown because the Lettuce King IV doesn't "bruise" the lettuce during chopping. The separately sold Lettuce King IV Drum Ring saves prep time and streamlines handling for high-volume chopping of lettuces.

Vollrath Onion King



The Onion King Slicer slices whole onions and other firm vegetables in one stroke for fast production and gives greater yield and portion control, created with exact slice thickness. The Onion King slicer also slices potatoes for cottage fries, squash, lemons, limes, oranges and other firm vegetables.

Instabloom Onion Cutter



The Instabloom Onion Cutter gives the perfect cut for high profit blooming onions. Its lower sturdy profile takes up less space, and provides easy storage. Designed for two-handed, ergonomic, easy leverage the spring loaded handles always return to the ready position.




The TS-170 is ideally suited for larger manufacturing requirements.

Vollrath Machines and Parts List

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