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Hanrow supplies Blenders and liquidizers to suit a wide variety of jobs in the kitchen or in production environments.
From 1.5 litre cups through to a 30 litre tilting models that can process large volumes, all these units are used to blend and process liquids and solids into smooth homogenous mixes.
The GT-800 blender is a heavy duty commercial blender that has the power you need to blend puree, chop, mix, homogenise or emulsify perfectly.
Built for heavy duty kitchen operation and the classic design makes the unit ideally suited for busy front of house work.
Interchangeable 1.5, 2 & 4 litre container sizes, simple safe operation with safety interlock on the lid.
Speed 1000-15000 rpm is infinitely variable. 240v 1-Phase Electrical supply as standard. 800W / 1500W peak.
Removable cutter for quick and easy cleaning. Solid construction made of stainless steel and polished aluminium.
SB-4 Blender has a hinged lid holder with safety interlock for fast opening/closing and safe use.
The jug allows automatic dish washing with the knife unit remaining in the jug.
Variable speed control from 700 to 15,000 rpm along with a Separate Sprinter Pulse Function at 15,000 rpm.
Together with very long knife blades makes for perfect control, maximum efficiency and outstanding results when processing large as well as small volumes.
The jug is impact and heat resistant, lightweight and see through type and has two solid handles.

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