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The RG-250 is made for processing up to 800 portions a day and 8 kg per minute.
The RG­250 has a round cylinder feed tube that can hold large quantities and whole products. 
Features like these are a clear advantage, particularly when larger volumes are involved.
The manual feeder is equipped with HALLDE Power Link which gives you a leverage effect from the pusher plate this results in almost 50 percent less manual power.
For a better working posture, the pusher plate has a looped designed handle, HALLDE ErgoLoop, which means you can work with both your left and right hands.
The leaning design means that the feed cylinder is always positioned at the right angle so the machine is easy to fill.
The cutting tools are 185mm in diameter.
The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck.
For quick change over and cleaning the machine parts are easily removed even the pusher plate and feed cylinder are removable for cleaning.

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