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The RG400i is HALLDE’s largest vegetable preparation machine, capable of preparing large volumes for up to 3,000 portions per day or 2.4 tonnes per hour.
Made in all stainless steel, the RG400i has a compact shape, has a robust quality, is ergonomic and is easy to clean.
It is flexible with a wide range of feeders and accessories, which means it can be adapted to suit your particular needs; Slicing, Dicing, Grating, Shredding, Crimping, Julienne and more.
There are four different types of feeder for maximum flexibility; feed hopper, manual push feeder, pneumatic push feeder and a 4 tube insert.
These are used together with two types of feed cylinder that have different properties. The feed cylinder is for use with the pneumatic push feeder, manual push feeder and tube feeder and has three internal knives that fix and divide the food when preparing.
The RG400i uses cutting plates that have a diameter of 215 mm

RG400i Brochure

The latest brochure for the RG400i

RG400i Manual

Full Manual for the RG400i

RG400i Product Catalog

The product catalog for the RG400i

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