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Chemical Preserving

Hanrow Ltd supplies a range of preserving solutions such as the chemical preservatives below.

SP1 POTATO WHITENER 25KG copy 1 (1).jpg


SP1 is a preservative and processing aid designed to extend the shelf life of white root vegetables, specifically peeled potato products.
This unique formulation allows maximum shelf life with little or no SO2 residue. 
It is a tried and tested formula, currently being used by many processors, large and small, from caterers to Supermarket suppliers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.


OW1 Produce Wash is, we believe, the ultimate wash, extremely efficient and very versatile. 
OW1 is 100% safe and may be used on organic produce.
It is a unique mixture of organic acids all of which are passed by external bodies for use on fresh produce.
Unlike chlorine products it does not destroy vitamins and it does not leave residues of carcinogenic trihalomethane compounds



OP1 is actually a processing aid, originally designed for treating carrots to extend shelf life and preserve taste, colour and texture. 
Since gaining supermarket approval back in 2000 OP1 has proved to be invaluable to carrot processors.
OP1 is also used on other products and gives significant results on potato, avocado and apples.


OP3 is an organic preservative, designed for treating fruit products extending shelf life for up to 5 days. 
This is a unique blend of organic acids, vitamins and minerals all of which are passed by Supermarkets, The Food Agency and all other UK and European bodies for use on fresh produce.
OP3 is supplied in a powder form and gives significant results on apples, pears, grapes etc.

OP3 organic preservativetub CLR.jpg


AF10 Anti-foaming agent is used to reduce the amount of foam produced during processing.
It has a highly concentrated formula and most applications require as little as 10ml per 1000 litres of processing water, so it is extremely cost effective to use.
It is available in both silicone and a vegetable base and can be used in applications which handle organic produce. 
AF10 is available in 20Kg, 200kg or 1000kg.

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